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UX Designer / Application Developer

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Unlimited Web & App Development

Unlimited Idea is a web development firm located in Ulaanbaatar, MONGOLIA. Since 2013, we have designed and developed websites, mobile apps and web-based applications. Through both direct engagement and collaboration with our partners, we have delivered web and mobile solutions for such leading brands as Wagner Asia, Petrovis, Erdenet Mining Concern, Office of the President of Mongolia, Taxand LLC, UBCI

Design UX

Expert, 2 years

Art Direction

Advanced, 3 years

Social marketing

Expert, 3 years

Web, App development

Expert, 3 years

Our partners

We create digital experiences for brands communicating the unique services provided to our customers.Creativity. We make it personal. Idea is UNLIMITED

  • UBCI
  • MPA

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Unlimited Idea

UX Designer / Application Developer

Our Team

3 Years Experience!

We believe that honest business and innovative design go hand-in-hand. Our talented team of designers and developers are as diverse as our work. Together, we have over 50 years combined work experience and absolutely love what we do!

Ebe Erdenebayar

Ebe’s quick and quirky thought processes often translate into unique custom solutions for UNLIMITED IDEA clients. If you’ve met him—you already know that it doesn’t take long for him to tell you what he’s thinking. If you haven’t met him... what are you waiting for? have a cup of coffee with him.

Project manager
Undrakh keeps her focus a few steps ahead to make sure the Unlimited Idea team is always prepared for what’s around the corner. She works to keep projects progressing and switches regularly between high-level and day to day details. In her spare time, she seeks out great food and enjoys outdoor activities.

head programmer
Hainash is young and smart. Anyway, he handles IT for Team Unlimited and our clients. He also builds out website frames, Applications ensuring that our clients stay happy as ever.

Janni handles important things like parallax effect, precision pixel alignment and custom CSS propagation so we don’t have to. His smile makes some trouble. We don't need any fan club for our company.

App developer
Damba is Android Specialist. Today, Mike relentlessly monitors emerging engagement trends, UX best practices, as well as vendor and platform capabilities. His insightful use of digital data and other metrics guarantees our clients a solid ROI.

Web developer
Batkhuyag art web development accounts makes him a valuable asset. But let’s face it—Khuyagaa was hired more for his good looks and uncanny knowledge of local pubs and nightclubs than any of those things.

A recent graduate of Mandakh University, Uyanga completed her BS in finance. She originally joined Unlimited Idea as a summer intern but was quickly snatched up the moment we saw this girl in action.

Zolboo studied his BFA in Graphic Design from Mongolian University of Science and Technology. He brings to Agency Creative a keen eye and high standards. His striking logos, eye-popping collateral and imaginative websites continue to make our clients look good.

Graphic Designer
Baagii is pencil artist. But he would to be one of the best photographer in Mongolia. We believe in that. Anyway he's one of new coming best Archer in Mongolia.

3D graphic designer
Erdenebayar is our only 3D designer. However, he studied BA Architecture at the Mongolian University of Science and Technology, his hobby of 3D design led him to become a team member of Unlimited Idea. His ingenuity and love for creative detail makes his talent.

Content Developer
Enkhjargal realized that if she could manage a room full of fidgety 4-year-olds, she could manage anything. So she swapped the role of full-time mum for that of administrative coordinator. A graduate of Mongolian National University.

Content Developer
Sainaa is our talented and handsome content developer. His collaborative and strategically focused working style makes him our dedicated team member. He also plays a role in the strategic direction of projects. When he’s not at work, Sainaa dedicates his time to learn new technologies and innovations.

Content Developer
Oyungerel is a content specialist. She welcomes the opportunities for learning about a range of subjects which content writing brings. She gets balancing off work with spending time with her three children.

Content developer
Toyoda is a copywriter. Toyoda's focus is on creating an online experience that engages brand communities in authentic and unique ways.

Content Developer
Ayurzana believes that the opportunity to spend time with Unlimited Idea will broaden her knowledge by allowing her to discover and learn something new every day. She greatly manages her work and family at the same time. Outside of work, Ayurzana enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.

Content Developer
Ayursuren enjoys challenges to learn new things and knows to get satisfaction building great content. His previous work experiences bring good contribution to our team work. Anyway, he’s one of the best sport players among Unlimited Idea.

Content Developer
Aimuldir is a content developer with an extensive background and intuition for creating accessible, iconic brands and brand assets. Her experience includes a wide-range of disciplines and media, making her both talented and well-rounded. As a lover of proficiency, she likes to begin her projects by looking at the big picture before focusing on the specific and many times minute details.

Content Developer
Oyunbold is a designer with experience in many disciplines. As part of Unlimited Idea’s creative team, he works with clients to design fresh digital experiences that draw inspiration from the industry’s best user experience and user-interface designs that make one-of-a-kind experiences. Experienced in marketing, project management and copywriting, Tsatsral effectively combines these strengths to deliver Unlimited Idea and its clients with effective communication, creative and content.

Unlimited Idea

UX Designer / Application Developer


Website, Application and Design Portfolio

A selection of the three fourty-plus websites designed, developed and hosted by UNLIMITED IDEA. This is what we do, and we're pretty proud. We can make a standalone desktop site, a special mobile site, or a completely responsive site depending on your needs. Either way, we've done it all.

Unlimited Idea

UX Designer / Application Developer


Union Building C corpus,
UNESCO Street, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia.

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We create digital experiences for brands communicating the unique services provided to your customers...

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